real ones

And he’s paying homage to all the real ones!

This will have you turnt as you get ready for a night out on the town! Power106.Com. Not long ago, Ash the Insomniac dropped his track,“Real Ones.” He paid homage to all those that held him down throughout his journey and are still holding him down. The song was also for those listeners that also had real ones holding them down. With such a strong song under his belt, Ash felt it was only right he came back even stronger with a full EP!

Real Ones —the 5-track titled EP— is the perfect combination of smooth production, unforgettable lyrics and an overall good vibe. And guess what? Ash created all of it on his own! Not only did Ash write all of his own lyrics on the tracks but he also did all of the production. Definitely seems fitting since it’s a gift to those that have supported his career from the beginning. And for Ash, it’s a feeling like no other:
“It makes me feel amazing. It’s a sense of accomplishment that I haven’t gotten in a long time. Especially the feeling of growth.”
Real Ones is the project that will really help listeners gain that confidence and motivation to focus on themselves and their own projects, whether it’s in music or outside of music. Ash is providing his listeners with the same support that his friends and family given him when he needed it.
“I want the listeners to get the messages. I would say they’re kind of like Saturday morning cartoons messages where it’s kind of hidden in the background of the songs. “Real Ones” the message there is have good friends around you and those good friends will help you. “Understanding” – if you’re working, doing your thing, you have to focus on you, you also have to thank your significant other for being understanding because you’re not the only one sacrificing for your dreams. With “Critic” I want people to be able to listen to that song whenever they’re down, and say, ‘Fuck a critic. Fuck what they have to say about me.’”
Take a listen to Ash the Insomniac’s debut EP, Real Onesout NOW! Also, make sure to check out the visual for the title track, “Real Ones.” And stay tuned for the next video coming from Ash soon!
Check out Ash the Insomniac’s latest moves on social media: Instagram
and stream his Music on Spotify

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