Audio: Salaam Remi Joins LunchMoney On “M.T.C.”

Fresh off his Secret Life of Pets 2 soundtrack placement “It’s Gonna Be A Lovely Day,” Platinum multi-artist LunchMoney Lewis (@LunchMoneyLewis) releases “Make That Cake.” Produced by mentor and Grammy Award-winning instrumentalist Salaam Remi (@SaLaAMReMi), the song is a glitchy hip-hop beat backed by stirring vocals. With lyrics developed using clever wordplay, Lunch has created an entertaining track that belongs on every summer playlist. Described by Lewis as a motivational cry of greatness, the song serves as the first in a series of projects he has coming down the pipeline, with more to be announced later this year. 
Given his nickname in the tenth grade by Remi. Lunch recalls the exchange: “One day, I was sitting with him while he was getting a haircut and he looked at me and said, ‘Yo, if I was a little chubby kid like you, I’d call myself ‘LunchMoney.‘ It resonated with me because I’m kind of a big kid at heart.”

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