Video: New Jersey Rapper Maui Max Going To Get His Family & Friends Out The Struggle In “Ball” Short Film

Excited to share the second visual from Newark, New Jersey rapper, Maui Max, off his upcoming project, “E.W.O.F. (Everything Works Out Fine)”.  “Ball” showcases the rapper’s unique bars, energy, & delivery.

 “Ball” is the second single off Maui Max‘s upcoming project“E.W.O.F. (Everything Works Out Fine)”. In this short film music video, Maui displaying his regular day grind while on his grind for a music career. Even though friends and friends are discouraging him to leave him music career. Maui spitting bars about how people leaving during his struggle times and show them his plan was the way out in the end. Behind the uptempo production is from his longtime friend LaCoMusic.

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