Video: TEFO – Decline

When you realize your own self-worth, hitting the “Decline” button gets easier. 

TEFO, who’s artist name is an acronym for: TruthEnlightenmentFreedom, & Opportunity, comes through with some truth serum on his latest record. “Decline” is an Afrobeat-EDM inspired record with R&B elements that finds TEFO reflecting on why some relationships don’t last. 

We all go through those rough patches in relationships, and sometimes they don’t last. So it’s all about figuring out your own self worth when other people may not realize it. You just simply learn to decline their call, and keep it moving,” states TEFO, as he highlights his latest video release. 

TEFO’s experience as both a musician and producer, adds to his international appeal – having toured across Canada and garnering International radio play. His broad reach is a testament to his versatility and magnetic sound. 

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