Video: Toronto’s 24Rico Continues A Strong Run Of Video Releases With “Lil Uzi”

Introducing 24Rico, a rising artist out of Toronto, who unveils his latest visual work for his single, “Lil Uzi.”  After debuting his project, “24K” this past Spring, 24Rico is ready to close out the year on a higher note. The mixtape, overall, gave a good introduction to the young upstart, as both an artist and storyteller. 

His debut video, “Coming Down” was featured on Complex Music which was quickly followed up by “Benzo” Ft. 1K – gaining traction on Elevator Magazine and Respect Magazine. 

This week, a new visual has surfaced for his single “Lil Uzi.” The triply visuals, directed by Marcus Letts, is a mixture of animated and real-life clips. 

Instagram: @24riico

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