Single: From Hip Hop to R&B, Trav Torch Perfects His Sound, Unveils New Single “Lust”

Getting his start as a Rapper, Trav transitioned over to R&B when he decided that singing would allow him to be in a more unique space. “Everybody and their mama is rapping now,” he shares. And while he’s found his niche, the New Jersey native hasn’t completely abandoned the genre that initially got his creative juices flowing. As we close out the year in the final quarter, Trav’s creativity has resulted in a newly refined sound, evident in his new single, “Lust.”

On “Lust,” Trav sings “sheesh, you make a hitta feel like a beast,” expressing that his lustful emotions feel almost animalistic.  He also states, “religion tells me I’m wrong, your body tells me I’m right,” alluding to his conflicting feelings. Relatable much?

Twitter: @TravTorch

IG: @TravTorch

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