Video: Jae Mansa Ft. Young Marco – “Gryndin”

Today, Jae Mansa debuts a hip-hop trapped out jam called “Gryndin” featuring Atlanta native upcoming rapper Young Marco. The song finds the group perfectly riding a celestial beat while they stay on their rap game hustle.

“We’re always gryndin, we stay on the grynd,” says Jae Mansa. “Gryndin is how we got to where we are today. Our motto is to “out work the worker.” The grynd has kept us humble and it also has gained our respect. And I think we gained respect from the industry because of our grynd.”

“Gryndin” follows the release of the duo’s latest single “Blessings” available now on all digital music platforms. The single has gained over 800K plays on Spotify alone and over 1 million streams on all platforms. “Blessings” is currently #62 in the country on urban radio. Both “Blessings” and “Gryndin” will be on the upcoming EP Relationships & Money, which drops November 29th.

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