Audio: MD $crill – “I Do”

When Atlanta rapper MD $crilla says that he’s a street artist, he means that literally. As a matter of fact, he is the streets. Growing up on the city’s southwest side, hustling was a way of life, which is how he copped his stage moniker. While stacking paper was always the motive, making music was the only other passion that got and kept his attention.
You can’t deny his ability to pack powerful metaphoric punches that pair well with 808 bass lines from some of hip-hop’s most notable and rising production talent. And sharing a bloodline with 808 Mafia’s Southside also doesn’t hurt, especially when you both respect each other’s musical genius. Before releasing a new mixtape, MD $crilla is executing an artistic campaign under his new imprint BRIM (Being Rich is Mandatory) that includes a pair of all-star tracks. “I Do” is a club banger produced by Pyrex and “Bonnie and Slime” is a pensive masterpiece that highlights his wordplay and versatility.

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