Detroit Rapper Thurgo Kush Delivers A 6 Song EP ‘Juug Star’ featuring Babyface Ray.

Thurgo Kush

Detroit rapper, Thurgo Kush, drops his first official project, Juug Star.

After dropping a nice amount of single’s and visual’s over the years, Thurgo is proving that he is here to stay while he shows us he can effortlessly glide over beats and hang with the best of them on feature tracks.

Juug Star features Babyface Ray, along with visuals with Dexta Dave with for four out of six songs off of the EP.
The official new video to the leading track “Juug Star’,” drops March 21st.

Stream the official project, Juug Star, below!

YouTube: Thurgo Kush

Instagram @Thurgo_kush 

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