Norf$ide CJ’s new project

GEM$ V1 Coverart

Norf$ide Cj a gritty, impact artist from Charlotte NC

Raised on …well the north side of the city. Brought up in a strict Southern

Baptist home, Cj would only hear secular music

While riding around with his Uncle T, playing Bizzy Bone, Biggie & Scarface.

These artists influenced his view of having

Lyrics with substance. For Cj it wasn’t enough to just bob your

head to the beat without actually having something

To say when you speak.


GEM$ VOL:1 is the first release from the GVF/ Paid Better Artist

With the bulk of the production done by fellow Charlotte NC

Producer SMWHEREAT4AM. With help from

BLISS & Jimmy Kelso, its the perfect canvas for the picture Norf$ide Cj

Is painting. Consider this the first brick of the wall that will

separate Norf$ide Cj from the expected.




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