An URBAN Magazine Premiere: Ricky Havana – “Interludes EP”

interlude copy
It’s been said all is fair in love and war. But Ricky Havana delivers Interludesand might actually prove that saying wrong. 
Taking a step away from working on his upcoming project, If Its Meant (due out this May) to drop this EP, Ricky has been focused. Interludes includes three tracks, “Issues,” “Slow Down” and “I Want To Care For You.” All three songs feature Ricky’s hypnotizing vocals dipping in and out of rapping and singing. You’ll even catch him singing a bit in Spanish. Spicy! 
“Issues” — the opening single– cracks open the topic on someone still loving you while they’re in a relationship and realizing that they may need to work on themselves (a relatable situation that many have gone through). The track sets the tone for the rest of the EP where Ricky can be heard speaking on wasting time, caring for another person and navigating the thing called love.
Take a journey with Interludes and fall in and out of love while you go through the motions with Ricky Havana.
Interludes is available now on all digital streaming platforms here.

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