Ju$$ Wave – “Stayin Down (When Karma Comes)” [Mixtape]

Ju$$ Wave releases his new project titled Stayin Down (When Karma Comes). Born and raised in the Carolinas, rapper Ju$$ Wave says he is going to “bring you authenticity and a whole new vibe.” Each track on the project shows his lyrical flow and strength as an artist creating his own wave/lane.
The 24-track project features guest appearances from Block 125, Sosamann, Skulle, Casino Gwuap, Hoody Baby, Lil Twista, Ciecro, Bleezy CYD, and Hella Band5. Production duties are handled by Bobby Raps, Tech God, Prezzley P, DJ Fu, Narquise, Super Wav, Luhtim, Narco, Pvyso, Hazz, Easy Money Caleb, Eardrummers, Big O, 48, Zach Zillion, and Farri.

Twitter: @Juss1Wave

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