Audio: Michigan’s Wuzee and Samil Release “LIke Food Stamps For Liquor” (Album)

Representing Michigan, Wuzee and Samil, join forces as a rapper/producer duo on their latest album release, “Like Food Stamps For Liquor.” “The inspiration for the album came from a place of hurt dealing with life relationships and having a drinking problem.” – Wuzee
Samil also adds: “From my perspective, it’s also about struggling and how poverty and struggle is villainized and how government criminalizes the ppl who are just trying to survive. the liquor is used as self-therapy, even if harmful but in many circumstances, it’s all there is.”

As separate Hip Hop entities, Wuzee gained a reputation as one of the most entertaining performers in Michigan. He has shared the stage with Wu-Tang Clan, Killah Priest, Danny Brown, Elzhi and more. Samil, a producer and DJ, founded the indie label, Loop Fiction and is a part of the Almighty Foot Clan Hip Hop collective. 

Together, their fusion of artistic talents brings nostalgic vibes through your headphones and speakers. Ten tracks deep with an additional outro record, “Like Food Stamps For Liquor” is smooth listening for both the OG Hip Hop heads and the newer, younger fans looking to tap into more soulful raps.

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