Houston’s Singer Cherae Leri Debut Album ‘The Pain That Sex Brings” Charted #1 R&B/Soul For Amazon Music


The Pain That Sex Brings is the debut album by American singer and songwriter Cherae Leri. It released on June 19th, 2020 via Royal Reign Productions. The album follows her 2019 EP release Conscience and features production from Ashilee Roberts, Kidd Jupiter, Backpack, Ble$$ed, E9 BEATS, Nick Fury, Chriz Beats and Kevin McCall, as well as engineering efforts from Ashilee Roberts and Scotti Taylor and lyricism from Haisha Porter, Jia “Miss Ikonic” McMillan-Shipley, Milly Mendoza and Dam Tam.

The music from The Pain That Sex Brings incorporates nostalgic, sultry RnB, grown and sexy tendencies and intrepid inclinations amid a medley of soul, hip-hop and alternative genres. The album channels a 1990’s Janet Jackson aura and is imbued in lessons learned, seductive vibes and unapologetic womanhood. Lyrically, it features tales of relational breakdowns and recoveries, love, pain, sensuality, and growth as each record delves into pensive moments sonically recaptured and narrated by Cherae. It’s a roller coaster ride of the love, lust and disaster of your mid 20’s but not limited to. In this album she’s open, honest, unwavering, and unguarded. She brings forth authentic, sexy, and confident RnB bearing it all for those who indulge in her art.

Stream “The Pain That Sex Brings” On All Platforms:


Watch “Feel”

Watch “Fine Wine”

Social Media:
Twitter: www.twitter.com/cheraeleri
Instagram: www.instagram.com/cheraeleri
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/cherae-leri
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cherae.fennell
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5HqfOxMrMfrBK3UqFZruuT
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9-RFrKHDlIRqK7LMoj9vsg/feed

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