Important Post: LuvK drops double single “Joan Jett” and “Wildfire”


(July 02, 2020 – Los Angeles, CA) The multi-hyphenate artist LUVK releases two new songs as anticipation for her debut album heats up. “Joan Jett” and “Wildfire” are the yin and yang to the forthcoming album.

Both tracks were co-written by sisters LUVK and Raven, and produced by VenessaMichaels – the collective also known as The Bop Crew. “Joan Jett” and “Wildfire” (co-producing credit to Flu) represent two sectors of emotion that exist in all of us; we all have those moments of believing in ourselves and feeling empowered, that is brought out in “Joan Jett,” while “Wildfire” brings out the moments of self-sabotage and feeling insecure, or unsure of ourselves. The dual-singles embrace us with the reality that even in our darkest hour, these moments are necessary so we can be unveiled and become the best version of ourselves. That sometimes all you need to do is adjust your lens, then you’d see that everything that you ever needed was always right there.   

Feeling incredibly empowered and are ready to take on the system, LUVK shares why she decided to double up on a surprise release, “Fuck the system! I originally wrote these songs in a very personal place of going against the chaos of the world; reminding myself that my perspective matters & that my voice matters. I had a revelation about what I already knew existed inside of me, and it’s interesting because what’s happening in the world today is only a manifestation of the darkness that has existed for centuries.  It just goes to show the power we have as people if we speak up and stand for unity and space for all.  The Earth was created for all of us, not just some.”  

Listen to the tracks now!

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