Jayoliann – 5 pack

Julian Gioffre, who goes by the stage name of Jayoolian, is a singer, songwriter and producer based out of the Bay Area of California. He’s fresh into the music scene, as he didn’t quite begin doing music until 3 years ago. He was heavily into hip-hop and rap but would only cater his listening to artists; MF Doom, Ice Cube, Juicy J, A Tribe Called Quest, Dom Kennedy, A$AP Rocky, Nujabes and a little bit of Ab-Soul. However, once Jayoolian discovered the artistry of Lil Uzi Vert, he was compelled by the discovery of something new in the genre of hip-hop. He credits  Uzi’s release of the album “Luv Is Rage” followed by “Uzi Vert vs The World” he was forever impacted by the music.

Social Media

Instagram: @jayoolian

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