If You’re Getting Over A Breakup, You’ll Feel This Juice-WRLD Inspired Song

Cleveland-based artist Tahgi has released a heartwarming and powerful new single, “CDG” that comes with a heartfelt note dedicated to an ex-girlfriend. Partly inspired by the vocal aesthetic of the late Juice Wrld, as well as the rapid-fire delivery of Lil Uzi Vert, Tahgi’s latest continues his journey into refining his unique style, while, at the same time, bringing his growing fanbase into his world of intense emotions. It’s a flip of Paramore’s “That’s What You Get,” which is one of Tahgi’s favorite songs since he was a kid.

“This song chronicles the end of my last relationship caused by not being able to live up to the person that I was when me and my ex started dating,” Tahgi says. “I took that shit personal because I felt like I stayed and fought through plenty of romantic battles out of love.” Tahgi put that burning passion and pain into the  personal letter to his ex as well, which can be posted along with the song. It’s both unique to his experience and applicable to that of others as well — people who’ve been left to soak in the storm without an umbrella. 

Listen to “CDG” Now


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