Keenon Rush Drops New Single and Video, ‘Make Sense’

Rising lyricist Keenon Rush has shared a cinematic new video for “Makes Sense,” his latest single about the power of his name. Cool, lush, and ethereal, his voice glides on the chilly instrumental as he builds a world where he exists at the center. As summer heads to its toasty close, “Makes Sense” exists as a breath of icy relief to get listeners through scorching days. 

In the accompanying video, Rush is a businessman, raking in suitcases of money, who manages to escape a cavalcade of federal agents looking to bring him in on shady business dealings. Realizing that he needs to clean up his act, thanks to the people around him, he sets off on a better path to create a better tomorrow for everyone involved.

Stylishly, Rush showcases a similar, cooler-than-thou aesthetic, over the course of the visual that exists in the song. Clad in mature threads that make him the trendiest business owner you’ve ever seen, you’ll be as drawn to his swagger as you are to the weight of his words. It’s no wonder that he’s also known as the Neighborhood Blackman, a superhero for the community that’s rooted within the community.

Listen to “Make Sense” Now

Watch “Make Sense” Now

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Twitter: @KeenonRush

Instagram: @keenonrush

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