Video: Calvin Ross – Deuces (Freestyle)

Calvin Ross is an R&B singer and producer hailing from Tennessee. Growing up in an area of Tennessee where crime and violence is the norm, Calvin Ross has a colorful story to tell–one that continues to make his music stand out from the rest. Today, Calvin Ross resides in Atlanta and mainly creates Urban R&B, taking inspiration from artists like Michael Jackson, Usher, and Ginuwine.
Feeling inspired by the changes in his life, Calvin Ross decided to drop a freestyle to Chris Brown’s 2011 hit single, “Deuces.” 

“I like the thought of love and long lasting relationships. And when I love I love hard. Unfortunately I’ve had a few relationships where my partner didn’t think the same. I wrote this song to express the feelings I have toward being in a relationship. Not saying I’m perfect myself cause I am far from it! But right now at this moment in my life, I’m on something new. And me finding something new is moreso aimed at me finding something better to occupy my time. Something that can help me grow and become a better me. Right now music seems to be the best outlet,” Calvin shares with us.

Watch the Bandcamp Motion Media Group-directed visual above, and be sure to follow Calvin Ross on Instagram here.

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