Bronx emcee, Rush33 releases the new music video titled, “ROSEGOLD,” featuring Cool33. In the visual as he turns up in the city, with the 33rd 

Music Group members he reminds us why it’s okay to work hard but flex harder, to get money and stay out of the way. Rush is known to single-handedly create all his video treatments. After he hears a dope beat, he writes out the lyrics before hitting the studio. As he is recording he begins to think of dope concepts for his visuals. His creative process allows him to bring his imagination and visions to life. 

His witty and catchy lyrics for this record simply create the ultimate fun summer vibe. 

“Let’s go, told my bitch it’s time to hit the road/ I ain’t breaking down the weed cause everything is getting sold/ Everything authentic you can’t counterfeit the flow/ I’m Klay Thompson with the shot/ Cristian Ronaldo for the goal/Major league how a n*gga playing with the pros/ And this lil b*tch want me to take her out her clothes/ Momma used to call my phone cuz I was out there on the road/ coulda did the white gold/ when and did the rose gold”

The Bronx, New York is the birthplace of Hip Hop music. Many skillful emcees  become passionate about the art of music at an early age. Growing up in a Jamaican household Rush 33, learned how important it is to follow your passion. He also was taught at a young age how to remain solid and be strong during difficult times. Two months after his birth he lost his twin brother and at nineteen he lost his biggest inspiration, his mother. A few months later, his only son, Noah was born. Finding happiness and determination through his newborn, Rush was overwhelmed with joy. 

Having to deal with some of life’s toughest adversities as a teenager, it only motivated Rush to go harder. He always maintained good grades in school and  kept a part time job to invest into his craft. Determined to make his family proud, this Bronx native used music as an outlet to tell his story and express himself. 

Heavily influenced by Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Jadakiss, Jay Z, Camron, Fabolous, 2 Pac, Notorious BIG and J Cole, Rush was inspired to write his way out of the hood. The first song he released was a freestyle over “I Got the Keys” on SoundCloud in August 2019. From then and into 2020 he began gaining a lot of momentum and organic supporters. After receiving over 20,000+ views on Youtube for multiple records, Rush began to take it up a notch. His music video, “Soul Food” racked up over 15,000 views alone. The positive feedback and love he received from his supporters only pushed him to  reach new pinnacles.

33rd Music Group was founded by Kwesi and Rush 33. His unique sound is described as raw rap mixed in with trap soul. His strengths as an artist is his flow and ability to sound different on every track. He is versatile and delivers his lyrics with a cocky aura. His symbolic metaphors and catchy flows over up-tempo and soulful beats only display how much of a diverse creative he is. His goal is to become a household name and provide opportunities for all creatives to innovate the culture in positive ways. 

His  first performance was in New Jersey in October of 2019, hosted by DJ Drewski. Embraced by the HOT 97 DJ, Rush buzz continues to grow. With all he has accomplished so far and gaining such positive feedback, Rush33 is bound to be one New York’s most prominent emcees.

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