Video: Blezzito – Blue Cheese

Blezzito Brigante formerly known as Blezz Da Messiah is a Rap/Hip-Hop artist on the rise. Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised by a single mother. “Blezzito Brigante” grew up in the gritty streets of Flatbush Avenue. Before Hip-Hop, his first love was basketball, which is one of the main reasons why he approaches the rap game with such a competitive state of mind. Blezzito Brigante has been well recognized for his talents, endless drive, and determination to being one of the best. Having persevered through various obstacles he has been able to maintain his work ethic, credibility and authenticity while trying to achieve success. Now with a solid foundation, Blezzito Brigante utilizes his natural gift to speak directly to his audience, by making them feel his joys and pains in his own unique way. 

In his latest drop “Ble Cheese” featuring Coolie, Blezzito Brigante smoothly hops onto this trap drill beat and melodically flows with beat as he recites his lyrics. Blezzito lets everyone know that he is appreciative of everything he has because he never had anything growing up. He will take care of his woman and his homies because he loves his life. He and Coolie are getting their “Blue Cheese”. The video follows both artists through they hood, in the club, and surrounded by beautiful women. “Blue Cheese” is a vibe everyone can rock to.

Blezzito Brigante has opted to channel his passions about his life, music, and business into creating an authentic brand that will be at the forefront of hip-hop’s evolution into a global lifestyle. Now with captivating new visuals & an upcoming project to be released on his company’s imprint YOUNG GOD SOCIETY. Blezzito Brigante is focused and prepared to expand his empire among hip-hop’s elite. With well-rounded lyrics, charismatic flows, and an undeniable passion to succeed, Blezzito Brigante is on his way to the top.

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