Audio : Uncle Wahab x Busta Rhymes x Moonrock Panch x KingDarius TheGreat – “Hoop Dreams”

Uncle Wahab Drops New Track featuring Busta Rhymes, Moonrock Panch and KingDarius TheGreat

Uncle Wahab is a Kuwaiti hip hop recording artist, whose solo journey just recently began. He has worked with a bunch of big names in the hip hop industry, but now he’s stepping out on his own. He has been on a mission to find his solo artist voice, and name, and now, Uncle Wahab has emerged with his hit single, “Hoop Dreams.” The hip hop track is bouncy, confident, and very, very dope.

Uncle Wahab enlisted Busta Rhymes for the first verse, and he doesn’t disappoint as he rides the beat perfectly, bar after bar. Kingdarius poured his all into the song as well and delivered a classic, heartfelt chorus. Not to be outdone, Uncle Wahab shines on the second verse and shows the world what they’ve been waiting for, whether they knew it or not. His energetic lyrics will leave you amazed and only wanting to hear more. Moonrock Panch plays the closer as he follows up with heat on the last verse.

“At the time I wrote it, Hoop Dreams was a song I really needed to get off my chest. People always told me that I had a gift, and I felt like I needed to share that gift with the world. And that’s exactly what I’m doing on this track.” – Uncle Wahab

The certainty Uncle Wahab wears and sense of effortlessness he carries makes him hard to ignore. It’s no surprise he cites artists Snoop Dogg, Future, and 2 Chainz as some of his major influences. 

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