Album: Thoweda Rosas – Trip & Trap

“Trip & Trap” is the brand new album to come from Texas rapper Thoweda Rosas. Inspired by the reality of growing up on the streets, “Trip & Trap” also sees Thoweda Rosas opening up his mind to the endless possibilities of life as he broadens his outlook past the streets. Recorded in the music capital and heart of Texas, Austin, there is going to be a music video for each one of the songs on this project. All music videos will be available on YouTube. “Trip & Trap” is the start of an exciting new chapter for Thoweda Rosas and we can’t wait to see what’s next for this promising new talent. 

Heavily influenced by the chopped and screwed movement and West Coast 90’s gangsta rap, Thoweda Rosas escaped from his troubles by writing lyrics. After his father was murdered and his mother went to prison on drug charges, Thoweda’s rap style changed in multiple ways: writing lyrics helped to channel his anger and allowed him to address demons of dark depression, anger, stress, and struggle, and it also entrenched his music in both Hip Hop and Latino street culture, slowing down his beats and coating his lyrics with thick cough syrup psychedelic vibes. Since his debut release in 2019, Thoweda Rosas has released a steady stream of singles, and has built a dedicated online following across social media and streaming platforms. His Migos-inspired single ‘Water’ which was released earlier this year has already amassed over 5k streams on Spotify, surely a sign of big things to come for Thoweda Rosas.

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