Audio: KINGMOSTWANTED – “F#ck Yo Samples”

KINGMOSTWANTED makes you fall in love with hop-hop again with his 8-song project F#ck Yo Samples. Hosted by DJ Five Venoms, the tape samples some of hip-hop’s classic records with a modern twist. The Southern California rapper starts the collection with “High Power”, an East Coast sample from Biggie’s “Hypnotize” but he assures us he’s a West Coast baby. Bringing rappers delight with his track “2000 Funk ”, KINGMOSTWANTED gives recognition to Sugarhill Gang’s iconic track with clever wordplay that makes you keep the record on repeat. While he stays true to his California roots, he delivers with up-tempo tracks like “Cali Lovin,” a sample to Ice Cube’s “Check Yo Self” remix and “Fresh King,” a sample to the Fresh Prince theme song. The project stems from the hardships faced when sampling music even though it’s the basis of many hip-hop productions. KINGMOSTWANTED brings nostalgia with old school beats yet keeps things new with his relatable bars.

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