Album: Elijah Rosario – “Genuine Truths”

Throughout the process of defining his R&B pop sound over the last 10 years, singer-songwriter Elijah Rosario is breaking the music industry with his debut album GenuineTruths. The album has select features from Hip-hop & RnB artist Voyce, Afro pop artistLivie & Hip-hop artist Kfreshh
This 10 track album combines the thoughts and feelings of a young man who holdsnothing back. His style of music is personal, full of stories, and feels like a conversationwith a close friend. Whether it’s a love song about his past relationships or a song thatreflects on fighting addictions, Rosario delivers lyrics with wide eyed amazement andstories that feel familiar and relatable. 
What makes the album a unique experience is not only the different genres that Rosarioeffortlessly moves in and out of, but the ebb and flow of the album. Each track has itsown style using supportive instrumentation that ranges from R&B, Hip-hop,  Afro beats,alt pop, and a plethora of genres in between. One key element to the album is Rosario’ssongwriting that he has honed over the years and uses to craft the albums songs intousable, modern pop tracks. The sound will take you from relaxed, smooth vibes to headbanging and back again throughout the album. 
The music scene is full of new artists releasing music every day, but the process ofmaking a hit song or album is a mystery to many. However, Rosario’s signature soundhas been defined by his ability to seamlessly weave pop sensibilities with mainstreamr&b with a splash of melodic hip-hop flows. He is poised to assert himself in the musicindustry as an artist not only capable of making great music but also breaking the moldof what is expected from him based on his musical background.
Elijah has been booked and busy with shows all across North Carolina, especially. Since his release event in Charlotte in October for this album, a sold out show at that, Elijah has not slowed down at all. If you’d like to get Elijah in your city sometime, give him a shout out and let’s make it happen as soon as possible.


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