Audio: Doley Bernays – “Is It Cold Yet?”

As many know, Doley Bernays loves to drop music around his favorite season. The title itself asks, Is It Cold Yet? insinuates that his time is here. Many of his supporters rely on his music to get them through the fall and winter season. New Yorkers are known to turn their hustle up around this time of the year, and Doley makes music to motivate that. Here’s the 5 timeless records that made the cut: 

1. Winters Get Cold

2. Feels like Killa Season

3. Meant To Put A Hook

4. Guns in a Funeral

5. Is It Cold Yet?

The first unreleased track of this pack is, “Winters Get Cold.” The title itself says enough. Truth be told, Doley’s lyrics are colder than a New York Winter. Utilizing his music to tell an enticing story, this soulful rapper never misses. Bernays expressed some of his struggles that inspired his hustle and helped to perfect his craft. His creative storytelling method over a soulful beat makes you dig deep as you listen carefully. His raw yet honest lyrics help you to understand why and how much of a unique artist he truly is. The best way to learn about him is to study his music and dissect his lyrics. 

Winters got cold and I seen that. I was hitting licks on heaters way before I ever seen traps/ I mean that/ winters got cold and I seen that/ back when we was by the oven only place where there was heat at” 

Bars like this help listeners to understand how Doley made something from nothing. How he used his life experiences and challenges to inspire his future. 

Over the past few months, this Bronx emcee has been releasing tracks to gear us up for this project. Strategically releasing, “ Feels like Killa Season,” “Meant To Put A Hook,” and “Guns in a Funeral,” each record tells a different story from a different perspective. All while shedding layers of Doley’s personality and helping you to understand his thought process. But each track does the same thing, which soothes the soul. Bernays music is always considered the soul’s therapy and this project shows exactly that. 


“Is it cold yet?” is a rhetorical question. It’s not a question that needs an answer. It’s the kind of question that is used to mentally prepare you for what’s next. 

“People done put holes in this life boat and I can’t trust words/ 

Niggas say that you acting funny when they the reason/ Tis the season/ is it cold yet?/ all this pressure and I ain’t fold yet/ 

winter time I need no rest/ shit/ but lately I been feeling so blessed” 

Doley touches multiple topics and taps into different emotions on this track. Effortlessly creating another substantial yet timeless record, “Is cold yet?” is the answer to this question. 

Collectively this tape is projected to be one of Doley Bernays best works. Always remaining true to himself, his passion for creating soulful and authentic music is openly displayed throughout this project. 

Stream “Is it cold yet?” below! 

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