Masicka Holds Exclusive Listening Session in NYC For Upcoming Album, ‘438’

Many talented Reggae artists from Jamaica are known to make timeless and substantial music. Born and raised in Portmore, Jamaica, Masicka lives up to the standard of continuously creating hit records.

Last week, he held a private listening event at Quad Studios in New York City, for some media and fans to give their feedback on his upcoming album, 438 that will be released on December 3rd, 2021. It consists of 16 songs and his current single, “Love Story” gives you a good idea of what to expect.

The project is simply impeccable, absolutely no skips! Every kind of tune you can think of, this album got it. From the ladies to the streets, to being motivated this is a diverse project that everyone can relate to and enjoy. This album also displayed many different sides of his personality and how he used his upbringing and life story to inspire his music. Masicka also has features from artists such as Dexta Daps and Popcaan.

Masicka tells us about the meaning behind the title of the album, 438;

“I kept seeing the number 438 and knew it wasn’t coincidental. I knew these numbers had to mean something. After doing some research I learned they symbolized, hope, motivation, always pushing yourself, and achieving all you can. While on tour a few years ago the number 438 was always surrounding me whether hotel room, time, something about the number was always appearing.” 

Although it was hard for Masicka to choose if he had a favorite track on the album, he ultimately went with “Suicide Note.” A deep and soulful record with a powerful message. It is very understandable why he could not pick a record. After listening to the entire project it is safe to say this is projected to be one of his best albums released.

You can pre-order it here!

While we wait for the release check out his most recent music video, “Love Story.”

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