Audio: Sy The Rapper – Lil Danca




South Central has some hot new heat coming out of the West Coast! Los Angeles-bred artist, Sy The Rapper is emerging onto the scene with his trendy new track titled “Lil Danca”. 


The West Coast wordsmith was introduced to his love for melodic chords, heavy hitting drums, and varied lyricism at the tender age of five. His signature sound was shaped by the sounds of a wide range of genres. Including Old School R&B and Hip-Hop to  Alternative Rock. 

Despite growing up in a low-income, gang-infested neighborhood with a high crime rate, he continues to rise above limitations and overcome any obstacles in his path. As a result, Sy is a living embodiment of the phrase “A rose that grew from concrete.”

“Lil Danca”

Through his music including his most recent release, “Lil Danca”, Sy strives to provide his fans with something different and one-of-a-kind. He’s proud to continuously produce and perform original music that touches the masses that he can call his own. When he performs, he not only demonstrates his preparation and ability to entertain, but also his ability to control a crowd. He’s a genuine emcee who has brought his vivacious stage presence to a variety of settings like clubs and public schools. 

While also enjoying the love and support following his latest offering, “Lil Danca”, Sy showcases his lyrical skill and competitive spirit in this unreleased song snippet. LISTEN BELOW. 

In addition to being a multifaceted musician, Sy also has explored his talents as a self-taught producer and engineer. Enabling him to be a one-man team who creates all of his own music. 

Sy is an artist who is tapped into his craft and works towards his artistry around the clock. In fact, Sy is also a self-made videographer. But, now he is putting together a production team for his visuals so that he can focus more on being the talent and honing his craft.

Since the start of his music career, Sy has garnered praise and recognition for his many talents. The rising rhymer has his own favorite accomplishments to date. These accomplishments include his “BET” performance, his “626 Night Market” performance, and his alliance with the famous hip hop dance crew “The League of Clowns.” His association with the Los Angeles-based hip hop dance group has also earned him a large number of fans following their collaborations. 

Sy The Dancer & Comedian

Sy also incorporates his dance into his comedic skits. This is where his personality shines the brightest. He enjoys a good laugh with his fans. Take a look at his Wall To Wall Choreo

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