Audio: Trench Twins – Madly in Love

New York City has some new heat coming out of the trenches. In fact, Hip-Hop duo, Trench Twins are bringing their distinct style and sound to mainstream music. Founded by two brothers, J Wills and Oddeszy, the Trench Twins were formed and have been tag teaming the music since! 

Aside from being of African American descent, they are also of Hispanic descent, with ancestors from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. As a result, they not only share their talents in the Hip Hop genre, but also in the Urban Latin community, providing us with a mix of Spanish melodies on the chorus and English lyrics throughout the verses.

Trench Twins are expected to be the “Best Bilingual Artist In The Industry,” according to UPROXX. The twins gained a lot of notoriety when they made Hot 97’s Who’s Next list. Which was featured on a number of renown publications such as XXL, The Source, This Is50, The Breakfast Club, and so on.

Since their debut, they’ve continued to hit the ground running! Showing no signs of letti up anytime soon. Additionally, they’ve been streamed well over 100,000 times on Spotify. In addition to making the “Top100” list. If you haven’t yet, stay tuned here for more news and music from the Trench Twins. For now, press play on their most recent release, “Madly In Love”. Lastly,let us know what you think! 

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