EP: BenFrank Dro – “BenFrank”

Miami is making noise thanks to rising rhymer, BenFrank Dro! In search of a better life, BenFrank and his parents relocated to the states to bring their dreams to life. Taking pride and tapping into his Haitian heritage, Dro doesn’t shy away from his roots! Reflecting on his past, the musical storyteller lays true to himself and the music. In doing so, he unleashes his self-titled EP, BenFrank.

Growing up in the streets of Miami, life became difficult at times and was often full of adversities. At a young age, BenFrank developed a promising passion through his lyricism. As a result, he used his experiences to fuel his music and create an outlet. Rap was a means for him to escape the harsh realities of life.

Honing his craft over the years, the Miami-bred musician commands the recognition he deserves for his dominating beats and authentic lyrics.  Which hit strongly to all fans – new and old. His lyrical language is bold and innovative, while being fresh and relatable.

In fact, the hot new project is one of his greatest pieces of work to date. His 7-track project resonates with listeners worldwide including his lead single, “Stay In Yo Lane”. Following up the trendy track, are raving records “I Get It”,  “100s”, “Zoe”, while wrapping up the album with “Want It All”. Laced with seven sizzling singles and 20 minutes of real rhymes, his latest offering makes for a pleasant listen. 

Overall, BenFrank Dro is a remarkable rising rhymer who has emerged from the shadows of darkness to shine brightly. Don’t believe me? Press play on the full project below. Lastly, let us know what you think! 


Instagram | Website | Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube 

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