Audio: DJ Cannon Banyon Ft. D-One – “Last Row”

DJ Cannon Banyon and Dwayne “D-One” Gilmore both hail from the underground southern rap scene in Cheraw, South Carolina, and have been collaborating since 2001.

D-One’s clever lyrics and fluid musical delivery showcases each song he writes is his unique sound. DJ Cannon Banyon’s hard hitting drums with Southern soulful melody is all thanks to TNTXD pack.

The pair delivers the third track, “Last Row,” for DJ Cannon Banyon’s upcoming EP, “Southern Country 9,” expected June 17th. This single highlights the growth in both artists and the production from their earlier underground days, while maintaining the same Southern sound they developed years ago. The album title “Southern Country 9” nods to Highway SC9, which is the main highway going through Cheraw, South Carolina. “Last Row” will be available on May 17th as a pre-save for the album.


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