EP: Sosatruu – “Don’t You Be Surprised”

Arriving from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, landing in Huntsville, Alabama, Sosatruu reps out for his independent label titled KoldheartedRocout with his cousin Rocout Jay aka Yung, who is also his manager.  Since releasing his first ever EP on May 16th titled Don’t You Be Surprised, with the accompanying video titled “In My Bag” (viewed by clicking the quote) was a major point of realization for him. Sosa makes note that he did it all by himself, already recording the project himself after he took time to learn how to mix & master the EP too. To Sosa, he says his music is more than just a song, it’s more like painting a picture or writing an autobiography,  “I’m giving more than my soul on every song I do, I’m giving the full me from A to Z my lifestyle.” While doing outrageous numbers within the first 24 hours, Sosatruu let it be known that this is only the beginning. Sosa is putting his region on the map with this one!

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