Video: ALZ- Reset Time

Rising rhymer, ALZ returns with the visuals for his trendy track titled, “Reset Time”! His latest offering follows up his debut music video for his Tobi Aitch- produced record, “Fire” which has already accumulated over 60K views and counting! Now, a little over a week ago, he reveals the official music video for “Reset Time”. Which has already garnered over 44K views and counting! 

Although COVID-19 tried to hinder the momentum that was being built prior to the pandemic, ALZ didn’t allow it. In fact, he went and dropped off a slew of sizzling singles such as: “Strangers,” “Reset Time,” “One Day,” and his most successful single to date— “The Fallen”. Continuously moving forward with his music, his popular project American Dream In Brazil makes listeners want more from the aspiring artist. 

The Bronx-bred artist turned New Jersey Native, ALZ is known for his melodies and flow. Nevertheless,with this record, he chose to take us into his universe by providing the narrative. He perfectly creates the vision for fans through his lyricism. While retaining his lyrical flow, he dives deeper by giving us a window inside his life and where he currently finds himself. He delivers a direct and concise response to supporters who have been wondering why he has remained silent for the past year, rather than a long and overpowering story.

During the track ALZ goes in to say:

Memories got me colder, older. Family is on my mind, important, Never really got the time, I know this.”

As a result, I’m sure listeners worldwide will capture one message from this single. That, in order to succeed, it is necessary to reflect on what has happened and to focus on the things that are most important. With that being said, press play on the visuals for his trendy track titled, “Reset Time”! Stay tuned here at Fish N Gritz for more on ALZ! 

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