Single: RamRF- “Let’s Do It”

Fresh on the scene, SoCal rapper RamRF goes for highlights with the new single “Let’s Do It.” Sampling Genuine’s “Pony” record, RamRF takes a page out of the trending book and brings a classic back to life in only the freshest way he can. Inspired by Drake, Lil Wayne, Future, Young Thug, Lil Baby, RamRF’s sound can and will feel very polished and up to date with what’s hot on your local radio’s and playlists. Growing his numbers heavily on Tiktok, RamRF is finalizing a project right now that will bring the light to his area of Bakersfield. Shout out to Wade from the Expensive Habits management crew out in Atlanta for putting Ram in position to shine. If you need a feature, hook, verse, show, drop, or anything please contact us today at

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