Single: Ovi Jozi- Black Hearts

Ovi Jozi shares his latest single, ‘Black Hearts’. On the dynamic track, the rapper makes it apparent that there was a time someone loved him and he didn’t care. From encountering psychedelic dreams described as distractions—stopping him from thinking straight to living with suicidal ideation (or thoughts of ending his life), he comes clean about the person he is responsible for making him think this way, inspiring such behaviour.

As the beat progresses, Ovi Jozi raps about his silver lining moment (“Gotta another glance at a second chance”); ironically, he affirms to his listeners that he would die for what he loves “I’m a die for what I love and I’ma live again.”

Of the song and what inspired him to make it, “The song came together after the night I found out my father had suffered a critical stroke that paralyzed the whole right side of his body. The doctors didn’t give him a time range of how long he had to live, but since the end of September, he’s been on a ventilator and hasn’t been the same since,” he says. 

“My song “Black Hearts” represents the feeling I felt all year. I went from losing family and friends to being backstabbed and going through the toughest part of my life,” he continued. 

“I recorded it at Summerset Studio [in Washingtonville, New York] once I found the beat on Beat Stars, and then I had my partner Jai Fullenweider assist me with how I wanted the song to be constructed. Once the song was finished, I contacted Viso to shoot the video, and it all came together beautifully.”

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