Album: Soupmakesitbetter and Norf$ide CJ drop their new collab, ‘They Fear The God in Us’

Paid Better rappers Soupmakesitbetter & Norf$ide CJ release their collaborative project They Fear The God In Us. In 2020 the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and countless video taped accounts of police brutality across America sparked their inspiration. They Fear the God In Us is a timely project from paid better comrades Norf$ide CJ…

Norf$ide CJ’s new project

Norf$ide Cj a gritty, impact artist from Charlotte NC Raised on …well the north side of the city. Brought up in a strict Southern Baptist home, Cj would only hear secular music While riding around with his Uncle T, playing Bizzy Bone, Biggie & Scarface. These artists influenced his view of having Lyrics with substance….