Audio: Uniekgrace – Never Alone

Stunning. That’s the only way to describe Uniekgrace’s new song. The track, which is entitled, “Never Alone”, is an afrobeat masterpiece right out of the gate. With the combination of the well produced track and Uniekgrace’s heart-felt vocals, Never Alone takes musical vibes to a whole other level. Uniekgrace’s lovely voice caresses the track perfectly with such an appeal that her sound can only be described as futuristic soul; A perfect example are her lyrics on verse two; “Everyone want somebody, wey go reach their heart, make them feel alri-iiight / Give you the life that you need, wey go make you shine, make you shine.” Uniekgrace goes above & beyond and fully delivers on this gorgeous track as she paints a clear picture that God’s love is that type of love that will never leave you.

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