Events: Yxng KA & Lil Muk Turn Up On The Young and Restless Tour

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Yxng KA and Lil Muk got the town buzzin’! They have been putting on effortlessly for the City of Brotherly love with The Young and Restless Tour. It features 30 different cities including Philadelphia, New York City, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Chicago, Toronto, Boston and Los Angeles. Each show is completely sold out and that says enough. The energy that these two young emcees bring is simply unmatched. It is not only seen and heard in their music but felt at their packed-out shows. From the way they interact with the crowd to the set list they simply provide the vibes that the people enjoy. Usually it takes years of performing and touring before artists can sell out shows on a month-long tour. But these two young Philly shiners took it up a notch by proving you can do anything you put your mind to. With their unique sound and good chemistry their true talents are displayed at each show.

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