Audio: Wahid – What’s In A Name?

Described as a “…true testament to the true power of hip-hop”, Wahid has made an impression on the genre and purveyors of the culture. As a member of the buzzworthy group seeyousoon (who recently finished their first tour alongside 99 Neighbors), the Bronx born/Orlando native has earned respect by many for his talent and has garnered levels of acclaim from listeners and peers alike. As co-owner of the label/multimedia company, Get Free Records/LBR8 Media Group, Wahid exemplifies what it means to be an artist who takes control of his own career.

Influenced by artists like Nas, Jay-Z, Black Thought, and Ghostface Killah, Wahid, and his music, has been referred to as a “…compelling hybrid of old and new” since introducing his “…left-of-center, lyrically driven style…” (DJ Booth). Revered by listeners of “…feel good hip-hop” (EARMILK), Wahid has opened shows for Vince Staples, KRS One, Saba, Bas, and more, early in his career. Wahid blends exceptional lyrics with a nostalgic style that masterfully coexists with the modern music of today.

 “It is refreshing to hear this take on rap from a new artist during a time when most seem to follow trends. Each track seems to have been birthed from an authentic place and is very easy to relate [to].” – EARMILK”

Writing and rapping at the young age of twelve, Wahid, previously known as joshua, has been recording and releasing music online since high school. Wahid continues to write and record while simultaneously working to establish Get Free Records/LBR8 Media Group as a legitimate entity in music and media. 

Today he is back with a new 2-track-EP entitled ‘What’s In A Name?’ that shows off his new name while still keeping the same crisp sound and next level lyrics that his fans are used to.

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