Marcus432 – Fly Again

Meet Marcus432 (Marc Feinberg), a rapper originally from the Bay Area, who went from messing around with music in high school to touring with Blueface at the end of his college career. More recently, he founded 432 Mob, a Bay Area music group that stands for equality, love, and bringing people together through the positive frequencies of music. He finds major inspiration through rap icons like Mac Miller and Logic and says that without them he wouldn’t be creating his own music today. 

When it comes to music, every creator has their own process that can give us insight into who they are and what their music stands for. Marcus432 expresses his emotions through his music and lets them run in a beautiful way, influencing and inspiring others to follow their passion and to be their best selves. He loves experimenting throughout his process and gets excited about the unlimited opportunities that song creation has to offer. Usually he starts his process off by finding a beat and then recording freestyles to get ideas flowing. From there the topic and lyrics will usually follow. Marc is continuing to work on his music everyday and is excited to release more music soon including “Fly Again” dropping on Wednesday, June 24, 2020. 

Social Media

Instagram: @marcus432_

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